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A Vortex is often mentioned by psychics when exploring a house or area. If you will remember years ago the house commonly referred to as the “Amityville Horror” was described as having a vortex. But what is a vortex? The American Indian cultures describe it as a portal where spirits travel from this world to the next and vise-a-versa. To some psychics it is a hole through a person, spirit or thing can pass into another dimension. A vortex is also described as a circular flow of water or air, the tornado is the most common. So a vortex can mean 2 entirely separate things depending if you are referring to the supernatural or the weather.


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This is one of the more famous “ghost photos” It is a group shot of a squadron of RAF (Royal Air Force). The insert photo shows a face of a man behind another man. The face belongs to Freddy Jackson an aircraft mechanic who was killed 2 days before this photo was taken.

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Fear, grief and curiosity are the main driving forces that surround our quest to find out more about the supernatural. Fear of death is the major driving force. We all have to die at some point and most of us fear it. Grief after the loss of a loved one can sometimes drive us to look for evidence of a spirit world. Curiosity is awakened if you have experienced something unusual and want more information about it.

 Also something I have noted is that when times are harder than normal with a war, famine or natural disaster there is always a surge of heightened interest in the supernatural.

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