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If you are planing to travel in the near future I suggest you go and visit a haunted place or two. It would certainly make for interesting vacation. There are many places that are open to the public so you can do your own exploring. Other places are well known museums or homes and castles that give tours. Below are a couple of links to articles about places that you might want to visit if you are in the area.

Haunted places in Las Vegas

The Molly Brown Museum in Denver, Colorado


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It is time for summer vacations and what better to spend it ghost hunting. Here is an interesting article on the haunted areas of Boston, Mass.  I didn’t know that Boston also had it’s share of witch trials back in the 1600’s. I guess the Salem witch trials were just so much more written about than other locations.

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I had almost forgotten that I had this blog. I have not encountered any ghosts in the last 6 months so I had put the paranormal discussions on the back burner. I find it quite nice to not live in a haunted house anymore. Our last 2 residences had too much paranormal activity for my liking. Now I can choose to visit areas of paranormal activity at my leisure which is much more refreshing and interesting for me.

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There is a reputed to be haunted lighthouse in Newport Oregon. I have been to the Yaquina Bay lighthouse and I did not have anything happen. The tale of the haunting first appeared in a newspaper around 1899. It tells of a teenage girl that was left in Newport by her sea fairing father and she was awaiting his return. The girl disappeared after exploring the old abandoned lighthouse. Not much has been written about the actual haunting itself. I have found another person’s story that also visited the lighthouse that tells much the same as my experience there. Her story is here.

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I am always amazed at the television ghost hunters. They look like they feel immune to any unearthly attacks they may have. Many psychics and even clergy will tell you that you need to have some sort of protection. That protection may come in the form of a “guardian angel”, a spirit guide, a trusted and personal saint, a passed on family member or what ever deity you worship. You need to have that protection in place BEFORE you go looking for trouble. Sometimes that protection finds you. If you have had any miracles happen in your life then whatever spirit you attribute that miracle to would be your “guardian”.

Unearthly attacks cannot only be physical but spiritual too. After an encounter you may have a personality change or become very depressed. This is due to your spirit being attacked. That is the time to call on your spiritual guide to help you and seek out others that are experienced in attacks on the spirit.

Ghost hunting is not something to be taken lightly.

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This ghostly happening occurred just after I got married and was in our little “starter” home. The house was built in the 1950’s and had several owners by the time we moved in. We bought it and moved in, in 1988. Our marriage did have a rocky start and there were quite a few arguments. One night it got so bad that we even argued after we were in bed and the lights were out. I needed some rest so I took my pillow and a blanket and went to sleep on the couch.

Normally either during or right after the argument my husband would encourage us to make-up. I was laying on the couch waiting for him to show up like he always did and nothing happened. I peeked down the hallway toward our bedroom and saw a bright cherry like glow heading my way. It was the type of glow you see on the end of a cigarette and it was coming toward me in the dark. The first thing I thought of was “why is my husband smoking in the house” (he did smoke at the time). I did not hear any footsteps! The glow faded as it passed me. That was my first indication that the house was haunted.

Other happenings started to occur in the house, but they will be covered in my next few “ghost stories”.

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