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This ghostly happening occurred just after I got married and was in our little “starter” home. The house was built in the 1950’s and had several owners by the time we moved in. We bought it and moved in, in 1988. Our marriage did have a rocky start and there were quite a few arguments. One night it got so bad that we even argued after we were in bed and the lights were out. I needed some rest so I took my pillow and a blanket and went to sleep on the couch.

Normally either during or right after the argument my husband would encourage us to make-up. I was laying on the couch waiting for him to show up like he always did and nothing happened. I peeked down the hallway toward our bedroom and saw a bright cherry like glow heading my way. It was the type of glow you see on the end of a cigarette and it was coming toward me in the dark. The first thing I thought of was “why is my husband smoking in the house” (he did smoke at the time). I did not hear any footsteps! The glow faded as it passed me. That was my first indication that the house was haunted.

Other happenings started to occur in the house, but they will be covered in my next few “ghost stories”.


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This next story concerns not me but my daughter. She has also had a paranormal experience. She is only 13 years old. She also cannot watch anything on TV that concerns hauntings, ghosts or documentaries about them – it gives her nightmares, or she can’t sleep that night.

A few years ago when she was about 10 or 11, her school class had a field trip to Salem, Oregon to visit the capital and some of the local museums. She was thrilled since it also included her first ride on a real Amtrak train to get there. She told me the tour of the museums was very interesting. The one building that affected her the most was the old mill. This was an old textile mill that made cloth. When the her class was touring the building they stopped at the old elevator system they used to transport the large bolts of cloth from one floor to another. When the tour guide stopped in front of the elevator to speak, my daughter said all the hair on the back of her head stood up and she got chills (more…)

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This is part 4 of my never ending true ghost stories that I have to tell. This one takes place in Sunol, California in the late 1970’s.

A close friend of mine was looking at a run down piece of property with a house on it. His plan was to turn it into a horse ranch. The day he looked at the property an older teenage boy was riding hell bent all over the place on a dirt bike. He lived there with his family. My friend saw this young kid and made the remark “that kid is going to get himself killed”.  His words rang true when within an hour the kid was killed riding his dirt bike.

My friend ended up buying the place and cleaned it up. He also built another house and a very nice barn on the property. His niece was the resident horse trainer and she was just about 18 when she first saw the ghost (more…)

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One of the most commonly reported sighting of ghosts is when a person wakes up to find a strange shadow or figure standing near them. This is also one of the worse times to claim it was a real ghost. When a person first awakes they are between a conscious and sub-conscoius state. Your dreams and your eyes will play tricks on you. What was a person in your dream is now a shadow in your room. That is also one of the main reasons to get a witness to your experience. Another time that is very common to report a sighting is when you are tired. Your body maybe telling you to sleep and the sub-consciuos part of your brain might be trying to kick in.

I am not saying that all sightings that occur when falling asleep or waking up are not true sightings but you must also treat those incidents with a touch of skepticism.

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The work place has always been an interesting source of hauntings for me. I have worked with many people that have died unexpectedly. Some of them have lingered on as spirits in the work place. One of them had a lasting impact. “Tim” (not his real name) was a production supervisor at a place I worked at about 20 years ago. Tim was also gay. When AIDS first raised it’s ugly head, Tim was almost among the first victims. After first discovering he had the disease he lived another 6 tortured months. Tim passed away. Tim was a jokester when he was alive. He loved to make people laugh and generally have a good time.  I was the “victim” of one of his jokes – after he died!

There was a short corridor to the documentation room where blueprints were stored and copied. The door to the documentation room led to the production floor. As I was leaving the documentation room one day the door would not budge. The door handle turned but I thought someone was holding it shut (it swung outwards from me). I yelled out “cut it out” and it stopped. I opened the door to find (more…)

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I use to work in a very nice part on an industrial complex in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company was split off and sold to another company that moved the operations a few miles away to a poorer area of the Bay Area. The building was an older warehouse that the company was trying to turn into a manufacturing facility. When it came time for the bosses to ask everyone if they wanted to do overtime – the answer usually came back as a big NO because of the high crime rate in the area. If anyone did overtime it was usually the men employees.

One week they had a need for a test technician to work on a Saturday. One of the techs volunteered to come in. “Dan” (not his real name) was asked on Monday how everything went on Saturday. Dan said that nothing got done because he left and that it would be the last time he ever came into work (more…)

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Everyone loves a good ghost story. When I use to work swing shift many years ago it was much more relaxed than working days. Co-workers seem to be much more open about themselves and would tell tales of growing up in haunted areas and houses. I will share some of these stories over the next few weeks with you.

One young man grew up in San Francisco in the late 1970’s. He told me that he lived in an old Victorian home that had been converted into flats. His parents owned the home and his grandparents lived upstairs. His family occupied the 2 lower floors. He always heard strange noises in the place and just put it down to the house being so old that it was always settling. One day he started to hear those noises when he was (more…)

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