Two haunted sites of interest

If you are planing to travel in the near future I suggest you go and visit a haunted place or two. It would certainly make for interesting vacation. There are many places that are open to the public so you can do your own exploring. Other places are well known museums or homes and castles that give tours. Below are a couple of links to articles about places that you might want to visit if you are in the area.

Haunted places in Las Vegas

The Molly Brown Museum in Denver, Colorado


Haunted Boston

It is time for summer vacations and what better to spend it ghost hunting. Here is an interesting article on the haunted areas of Boston, Mass.  I didn’t know that Boston also had it’s share of witch trials back in the 1600’s. I guess the Salem witch trials were just so much more written about than other locations.

I had almost forgotten that I had this blog. I have not encountered any ghosts in the last 6 months so I had put the paranormal discussions on the back burner. I find it quite nice to not live in a haunted house anymore. Our last 2 residences had too much paranormal activity for my liking. Now I can choose to visit areas of paranormal activity at my leisure which is much more refreshing and interesting for me.

There is a reputed to be haunted lighthouse in Newport Oregon. I have been to the Yaquina Bay lighthouse and I did not have anything happen. The tale of the haunting first appeared in a newspaper around 1899. It tells of a teenage girl that was left in Newport by her sea fairing father and she was awaiting his return. The girl disappeared after exploring the old abandoned lighthouse. Not much has been written about the actual haunting itself. I have found another person’s story that also visited the lighthouse that tells much the same as my experience there. Her story is here.

Photography and ghosts

I do not put much faith into so called photos that show “orbs”. To me “orbs” are nothing more than dust particles that get warped by the camera trying to focus on them. The same thing when you see streaks on the picture. The streak might be nothing more than a few hairs from the photographer that got caught on film and out of focus.

What is a Vortex?

A Vortex is often mentioned by psychics when exploring a house or area. If you will remember years ago the house commonly referred to as the “Amityville Horror” was described as having a vortex. But what is a vortex? The American Indian cultures describe it as a portal where spirits travel from this world to the next and vise-a-versa. To some psychics it is a hole through a person, spirit or thing can pass into another dimension. A vortex is also described as a circular flow of water or air, the tornado is the most common. So a vortex can mean 2 entirely separate things depending if you are referring to the supernatural or the weather.

The ghost of Freddy Jackson


This is one of the more famous “ghost photos” It is a group shot of a squadron of RAF (Royal Air Force). The insert photo shows a face of a man behind another man. The face belongs to Freddy Jackson an aircraft mechanic who was killed 2 days before this photo was taken.